• Vixxy

The Paddle Guide

Recently a customer contacted me wanting to know if all paddles were "stingy". It occurred to me that adding labels to them will help with this as well as going over some design points.

The Stingy Paddle:

A stinging paddle generally has a flat, broad, surface. No holes are needed for the sting. However- the heavier the weight of the wood (Tigerwood, Oak, Wenge, Canary) the more this beast will sting. Lighter woods (Cherry, Maple, Mahogany) will sting, but with less effect.

Keep in mind that most paddles can be made in your choice of wood.

Some examples of stingy ones are here:

Flat Side of a Waffle Paddle:

Tigerwood Paddle:

Ping Pong Paddle:

A Medium Paddle

A medium paddle is one that sits in that happy spot between stinging and thuddy. Generally this is where you will find your paddles with air holes. Although the rule isn't hard/fast- the heavier the weight of the wood the more you will get BOTH sensations.

Some examples: (one of my FAVORITES)


I LOVE thuddy paddles. But they can be hard to find. As a general rule you want a heavy wood combine with a narrow or round design. The smaller surface area combined with the weight will give that sweet heavy sensation.

Some exampes: (Another Favorite!)

I hope this little guide helps. As always- I am thrilled to design something special to get the right sensation for your play!